Reviews for "Be Mused"


There's something for everyone in this anthology. You could be forgiven for wondering whether non-writers would appreciate the humour behind the stories, but it doesn't matter because in each and every one of the stories the reader can identify with the characters.

How often have writers stared gloomily at a blank screen/page and wondered where the next word will come from, the next scene, the next conflict, and when in all that agonising have we given a thought to our Muse[s]?

The shenanigans and angst and manipulations that go on beyond our ken, are both hilarious and humbling. Do they really get as frustrated as we do? Apparently!

For those who sit back and enjoy the fruit of the Muses and their endeavours to keep the writers on the straight and narrow, this anthology should give you a good laugh, as well as an insight into the lives, loves, trauma, and frustrations of the writers who bring you plenty of books to read when you want to curl up with your favourite author and enjoy the manifestations of their hard work. Next time you do, also give a thought to the hundred - perhaps millions - of Muses out there, whose work `is never done.'

This collection of stories will not only give you a new perspective to the writer behind the words on the page you are reading, but a good laugh as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!



What can I say? I loved this book. At the start I wasn't so sure, then I got a couple chapters into it and I had been won completely over, I couldn't wait to see what the next author did in this delightful, funny world. Authors need inspiration, muses provide that inspiration, whispering in ears, yelling at the top of their voices at the most inconvenient of times sometimes, but they are there. What happens when a male romance author suddenly can see his female muse? Find out in @MuseD by J. Morgan. At a Muse convention an unknown young muse meets the widely known Trevor Black of the muse World, and what happens will keep you laughing as you read Katie Chailes's Inspiration Lost and Found. In Matchmaking A-Muse-ment by Stephanie Burkhart, two muses go on vaction while their authors deal with edits and fall in love. Now they have to get their authors together so they can get married. Melphene and Thalia Sittin' In a Tree by Nicole Zoltack explores an author of Paranormal mysteries who gets writer's block and takes a seminar taught by an author who has a stalker. Not A-Mused by Sandra Sookoo explores two muses that have been fighting their love for centuries as their writers meet at a class and fall in love.

Again I can't say how much I loved these stories. They were fun and cute and, a couple of them, thought provoking. The first two by Ms. Morgan and Ms. Chailes share a couple of the same characters, and they continue each other almost. Ms. Burkhart took us to a different type of muse on a slightly different plane and had a lot of fun in Germany with her pixie muses. Ms. Zoltack made us stop and think about stalkers and safety as we went back to the MUSEum bar from the first two. And in Not A-Mused, Ms. Sookoo wonders how far an immortal muse will go to prove his love for a feisty conterpart whom he has hurt in the past. I was so caught up in these stories I lost sleep finishing them up. It is a must get and must read. The comedy in the stories enhances the story line and the muses keep you guessing. I rate this a full 5 wings and remember authors, your muses have a life of their own.