Reviews for "The Giving Meadow"

Reviews as of 7/18/2010

Tami Dee, Author of the "Mists of Time Series"
5 Stars

The Giving Meadow, by Stephanie Burkhart, received the highest compliment that a children's author can receive when, after reading this story to my four year old granddaughter, she immediately said. "Again."

Stephanie Burkhart weaves a gentle tale of a baby caterpillar's journey from egg, to growing caterpillar, to cocoon, to lovely butterfly. Along the way, this little caterpillar makes lasting friends with a frog, a ladybug, a bee, and even a snake! The baby caterpillar is very hungry, and happens upon these new friends as they gather their own food. Each of these new friends overcome their first response of wanting to keep their food for their selves, and then decide that they can share with the little caterpillar, finding that they are happy to do so. Because of this unselfish generosity, the little caterpillar grows strong, and then transforms into a beautiful butterfly while all his friends watch in awe.

The Giving Meadow is a charming story about friendship, generosity, kindness, and support when changes occur which are out of our control.


Beth B. Reinke, Author of "In My Bath"
5 Stars

Follow a caterpillar on his journey across a grassy, flower-filled field in this sweet story of sharing and friendship. Children will relate to the caterpillar's simple feelings of hunger and thirst, sleepiness, and his excitement about growing bigger. The caterpillar's insect and animal friends demonstrate positive character traits of mercy, compassion and caring.

The Giving Meadow is perfect for the innocent years of early childhood. Toddlers and preschoolers will love to snuggle up before nap or at bedtime to hear this soothing story read to them. The adorable, brightly-colored illustrations will charm readers of all ages.


Tina Pinson, Author of "In The Manor of the Ghost"

Newly hatched from his egg, the catepillar travels through the fields of the Giving Meadow, in search of water and food. He meets a few friends along the way, a frog, a ladybug, bees, and snake, who share with him and help him along through the meadow.

The colorful illustrations from Stephen Macquignon allow the reader to take the trip in vivid color.

The Giving Meadow was a cute story with a bit of a lesson on how we all need a little help from our friends.

But don't take my word for it, here are a few insights from the Little People in my house who had a look at the book.

"I like the animals, the catepillar, the frog, and the butterfly and lady bug."
"I liked the whole story."

My grandchildren liked it well enough they wanted to read it twice. What more recommendation do you need?

The Giving Meadow was written for children 2-7, but parents and grandparents alike, will probably enjoy it too.