Cast of Characters:

Twilight Over Moldavia

" Hecuba "




Hecuba has lived over 400 years. She is loyal to Bane and his desires. She is a very smart witch, but she’s also very disgusting in her habits.

Olympia Dukasis, in this picture, captures the old, grungy look of Bane’s witch. Hecuba would do anything for Bane, even transform into a young woman so she could have sex with him.


Bane will not have sex with Hecuba unless she is in her young form. Hecuba takes a transformation potion to make this happen. The strength of the potion depends on how she makes it. She can transform for minutes or hours.

Emmy Rossum, known for her movie roles, has the perfect for young Hecuba. Petite and sexy, her long flowing hair and sweet smile, draws the viewer in, much like how Hecuba attracted Kracken and Bane in the first place.