Cast of Characters

Human Nature

"Dr. Henri Rousseau "



Henri is smart and charming in his own right. He easily gives into the passions of his heart, which brings out the woman in Madeline. He’s highly protective of Madeline because she’s very trusting. He’s a good match for Madeline because he’s a brilliant scientist himself. He whisks Madeline off her feet and marries her four months after meeting her. He wants nothing better than to start a family with her. He’s more focused on his personal needs whereas Madeline is more focused on her work.

Hugh Jackman, best known for his role as “Wolverine” in the X-men movies, is my “Dr. Rousseau.” He’s incredibly charming. He can act fiercely protective, yet still show that vulnerable sexy side of man a woman would like to see. Sharp as a whip, Jackman is the perfect compliment to Theron’s “Madeline.”