Cast of Characters

Human Nature

"Dr. Madeline Jace"



Madeline Jace is young, twenty-five, but she’s a genius. The product of an Army Captain who worked on the Manhattan project and a world renowned pianist, Madeline lost her parents in a plane crash and was raised by an aunt. She graduated with honors and doctorate by the time she was 20. The government immediately approached her to work in their “Futuristic Science Division” in what she wanted to do – genetics.

Madeline hardly noticed men as she focused on her science until the thoroughly charming Dr. Henri Rousseau came along. As her experiments in cloning prove successful her newfound love for Henri will be tested in ways she never imagined.

Academy Award winning actress, Charlize Theron, is my vision of “Madeline.” Beautiful and stunning, Charlize can immediately capture the attention of the audience. She can totally pull off smart and sexy which is what Madeline embodies. She has great depth as an actor and easily switches from tender and loving to talking about science in a single breath. She can tap into great depths, which the character of Madeline requires to pull off its complexity.