Cast of Characters:

The Heart's Torment

"King Stelian Sigmaringen "



King Stelian is highly demanding of his son, Mihai. He knows Mihai is smart and intelligent and will make a good leader, but he also realizes Mihai shares the same weakness he does – women. Stelian believes only the right woman can tame his son – someone who is sexy, beautiful, and equally as smart so as to stimulate Mihai’s mind. He finds Theresa von Kracken that woman!

Stelian is determined to see that Mihai gives Theresa her due as his wife. Overbearing and domineering, Stelian is a man not to be reckoned with.

My choice for Stelian would be Michael Douglas. He’s still a handsome man and easily commands the attention of women. He easily commands an audience and is capable of showing that rare vulnerably needed for Stelian.