Cast of Characters:

The Wolf's Torment

"Viktor Bacau"




Viktor is Mihai’s best friend. He met Mihai while they attended university in London. Viktor returns to Moldavia to be with Mihai. Viktor wants to fall in love, but the woman he is attracted to, Theresa, belongs to Mihai. Viktor then settles for the waifish Sonia and marries her. On his honeymoon, Bane, a werewolf, finds Viktor attractive and makes him a member of his pack.

His wife, who by now is pregnant with his child, spurns Viktor. Viktor seeks out Theresa who is also lonely since Mihai spends a lot of time at Parliament. The emotional bond between Viktor and Theresa grows. His inability to tame his desire for Theresa will ultimately prove his downfall.

Paul Walker is my choice for Viktor. Viktor is a playful, intelligent man, who, after being bitten by the werewolf, finds himself descending into a morbid world of debauchery and pleasure. It is a descent that he tries to master but cannot. He’s very different physically from Mihai, but his natural charisma draws Theresa to him. Paul's looks easily captures the essence of “Viktor.”