Teaser for Destination: Berlin

Explore a world that few get the opportunity by checking out what the military action/adventure/thriller/romance that Destination: Berlin has to offer. As a reader, you jump into the action quickly and right away discover the world of cold-war Europe before the fall of the wall. Filled with intrigue, esponsiage and a heart warming romance, the novel gives you a peek into life in the military and how it encompasses the lives of those who live it day by day.

Set in July 1988, the story begins in Osnabrueck, Germany. You meet a young female soldier, Sharon Cates who has just been promoted, a reward for all her military accomplishments. Sharon is also selected to attend the Berlin Orientation Tour and this is suppose to be one of the happiest times of her life. But Sharon is haunted by a bitter lover, another solider, Damien Eddington who isn’t quite ready to let her go, making a deal with the East German Stasi, planting top secret information on her, hoping they kill her for it as she rides the duty train through East Germany.

What makes Destination: Berlin unique as a military novel are two things. The first is that the “Hero” is really a “Heroine”. Corporal Sharon Cates is clearly the character you’re rooting for as she discovers her jilted lover’s plan, almost too late to save her life. Very rarely do military novels offer a female heroine, yet increasing more in today’s society female soldiers are put into those types of situations. The second thing “Berlin” offers is that Sharon is a Corporal, a non-commissioned officer. Again, in most military novels, the hero is usually a male and an officer. An officer has a four year degree and has gone through a different type of training than the enlisted soldier. Sharon proves that a hero can be a woman and a non-commissioned officer all in one single swoop!

I’m very excited about this novel as it challenges the norms we’ve grown up with though the years. Every character has a unique perspective to offer on life, the military, friendship and relationships. I’m also very excited about offering this website to you to discover those things about the novel that you might have had questions about. I hope you come back often for discussions about the novel and the other features the site has to offer. Let me leave you with an excerpt from the book where our heroine, Sharon, meets her own personal hero, Dimitri Nagory… Check out the section "All About - Destination: Berlin"! SG.

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