Teaser for All That Remains

Visit a sleepy New England town by checking out the contemporary romantic drama, "All That Remains." Meet "Darrin Banning", the town's spoiled little rich boy who has a reputation for being bad and "Kristina Rivera" who has struggled her whole life to forful her dream of being a lawyer. Both Darrin and Kristina come from scarred childhoods, childhoods that have left them lonely and doubtful of where their future will take them.

Set in the present day, you meet Darrin at a low point in his life. After getting out of jail for serving time for a crime he didn't commit, Darrin meets his first wife, "Andrea St. George." After getting married, Andrea becomes pregnant and in a fluke, modern medicine in unable to save her when she goes into childbirth. Darrin is devestated to lose his wife despite gaining a daughter.

While Kristina has obtained her goal of becoming a lawyer, it's not as glamourous as she thought it would be. She's still barely able to make ends meet. And she still very much wants to be part of a "family" so when her aunt asks her to help defend her childhood crush, Kristina comes to her aunt's aid and she can't help but become involved with her first love all over again.

However, Kristina's relationship is just as volitile as before and when she gets fired for the third time, she's had enough. As she plans to leave for Boston she discovers Darrin Banning is looking for a lawyer and on a whim she decides to check him out. And when headstrong, gutsy Kristina meets the obnixious yet moody Darrin - the sparks fly!

So what makes "All That Remains" special? It's got just the right mix of action, adventure, and romance! It doesn't "read" like your "typical" romance novel. With sharp and witty dialogue and characters that warm your heart, "All That Remains" will keep you interested and keep you turning the pages until you realize you've finished the book and want more.

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