Cast of Characters:

The Wolf's Torment

"Princess Theresa Isabella Von Kracken"




Theresa is deeply in love with her husband, only but isn't sure if she can win his love. Mihai spends a lot of time away from the castle and Theresa strikes up a friendship with his friend, Viktor. A complicated emotional triangle develops between Viktor, Theresa, and Mihai. Theresa is also a witch and does not know it, which further amps the fuel for the triangle between the two men in her life. Both Mihai and Viktor are draw to her, but neither understands why.

My first choice for Thersa is actress Jennifer Ferrin. She played "Jennifer" on the daytime soap, "As The World Turns," and is currently in Spike TV's "The Kill Point" as "Chloe."

My second choice for young Theresa is, of course, a young Julianne Moore. Moore has aged well over the years, and her striking younger look is just want is needed to capture the magic between her two leading men.