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The Giving Meadow

The Giving Meadow is about a caterpillar who travels through a meadow making friends before turning into a butterfly. It's geared for 4-7 year olds.

This was a nice, unexpected surprise when it happened. I attend Blessed Kateri Church in Santa Clarita, CA and I'm very active in the Little Church Program. Little Church offers a Sunday Preschool type atmosphere for children to go to while their parents attend mass. I help to teach the 3 year old with three other woman, Maureen, Shirley, and Mary.

Every year we have a Easter party for the children. In 2009, I was drafted to write a play for the Easter party. That play was "The Giving Meadow." After writing it, I thought I'd show it to Vivian Zabel over at 4RV for her thoughts. Vivian offered me a contract on the book. Giddy and excited, I accepted. A year later, I'm holding a copy of this inspired book in my hands.

My thanks go out to Maureen, Shirley, Mary, the children who inspired the play, Vivian, who believed in the story, and to Stephen who brought the book to life with his wonderful pictures.