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Welcome! This website is a creative site about author SG Cardin, (yes, that's me!). For those of you who enjoy my writing, I have three full length novels "Destination: Berlin" , "All That Remains" and "Are Your Dirty Little Secrets"which have been published by IUniverse.com.

Not only that, I am accomplished fan fiction writer, having written fan fiction for daytime drama "One Life To Live." The "OLTL Satire" is a humourous behind the scenes look of what goes on behind a soap opera. The Satire has been recoginzed as one of the best written daytime drama's fan fiction.

On this site you'll find a little sampling of my various writings. There's comprehensive "behind the scenes" menus of "Destination: Berlin" , All That Remains", "Are Your Dirty Little Secrets"there's a selection of poems, and there's also a section dedicated to my fan fiction writing featuring the "OLTL Satire." There's also fun stuff to do including polls, a guestbook, and an interactive messageboard hosted by EZBoard.


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To order "Destination: Berlin", or "All That Remains" just click on the respective comprehensive menu "All About:" and in the table contents there will be a section for ordering the book direct from the Author! If you order the book and enjoy it, drop me a line!

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